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Smart Technologies We Leverage at Bahama Bay Club

At Bahama Bay Club, we’re on the lookout for the latest advancements in smart technology to further simplify the living situation of our residents. We pride ourselves on providing a proactive approach to healthy senior living without invading a resident’s privacy.  

For seniors, the model has been to react to a change in condition based on behavior, assessments, and communication. To that end, Bahama Bay Club has developed a comprehensive program to utilize the following smart technologies.

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Smart Health Monitoring

We are excited to be the first company to launch and implement “Smart Health Monitoring”. With this, our residents simply have the option to wear a wrist device that tracks their heart rate daily and immediately communicates any predetermined heart rate changes when the data is collected. This data is monitored by a licensed remote patient monitoring physician.

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Mobile Nurse Call System

Our wireless necklace is designed to streamline the mobile nurse call process at the push of a button. With this smart system, residents can simply push a button on their necklace to request immediate assistance with their daily activities within the community, such as toileting, transferring, escorts, bathing, morning or evening assistance, or any other thing they might need assistance with. 

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best smart home device for seniors alexa

Bahama Bay Club Apartment Smart Sensors

These smart sensors are placed throughout the resident’s room to learn their day-to-day behaviors, such as waking and sleeping times, access to the refrigerator, walking to the bathroom, going out the front door, and so much more. The goal is to establish a benchmark and track any deviations from the resident’s normal routine. 

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Seamless Communication With Alexa Show

All our senior resident rooms and apartments are equipped with a 10-inch Alexa Show video screen so residents can easily set up video chats with their family and loved ones any time of the day. This smart device also houses our activities calendar, resident calendar for all visits and physician appointments, as well as voice command controls.

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Hero Pill Dispenser

Automatic Pill Dispensers

Automatic pill dispensers provide a more efficient and affordable way for residents to manage their own medications without paying us to do it for them. The family fills the dispenser and we can help with programming.

When it is time for their meds a visual and audible alarm signals to the resident it is time to take their meds.  If they don’t, it notifies the family through the app so they can call and remind them. The Automatic Pill Dispensers are intended for independent residents who would like to just have a little extra help with their medications and it provide families with more piece of mind. They are not intended for use with Assisted Living Residents. 

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Smile Activity App

The smile activity app is for families to monitor their loved one’s activity and participation in our various health and wellness activities.  Our activities department uses this app to track activities for all residents and communicate with their families to garner more participation and communication.

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Technologies Utilized By Our Wellness Team

Our wellness team utilizes a combination of wifi-connected iPads and pagers (for backup) so caregivers can receive notifications from the nurse call system whenever a resident needs assistance. 

Upon completion of the task, the caregiver then checks off the service or assistance provided for the resident, which automatically enters the information into our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) to document the services. 

Families also have a Hippa compliant app on their phone or can log in online to the portal to view a monthly snapshot of the services that have been provided, including the times the caregivers have provided those services. The snapshot also contains important information, such as monthly weights, daily temperature checks, monthly wellness information, and even a graph showing any emerging trends. 

This way, families have absolute peace of mind knowing exactly what services we’re providing for their loved ones in our care.

Bahama Bay Club Infection and Safety Control Program

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for senior living communities to have an effective infection and safety control program in place to protect its residents. At Bahama Bay Club, our current Covid response follows the guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center For Disease Control (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

We continue to screen our staff and residents daily for signs and symptoms of any infection, as well as follow these best practices:

We also utilize Accushield, an automated sign-in and temperature check system, at the front entrance to provide us with a touch-free screening process for anyone entering our premises. This protocol will be in place no matter the circumstances.

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