in-community geriatric primary care
Expert Care Within Our Exclusive Community
in-community geriatric primary care
Integrated Care For Our Senior Residents

In-Community Geriatric Primary Care In Sanford And Orlando

Quality healthcare for older adults in senior living communities is paramount. That’s why it’s important to have community care physicians readily available, as well as a community‐based geriatric healthcare setting in place.

At Bahama Bay Club, we’re constantly exploring ways to deliver high-quality care for our residents with a focus on a more integrated and collaborative approach, especially where medical, nonmedical, and social services all play a critical role in the community.

As much as possible, we want to remove any barriers regarding access to quality health care for seniors living in a community setting. For instance, we designed our facilities in line with assisted living floor plans for easy navigation from the senior apartments to our onsite clinic.

Onsite Primary Care Assisted Living
Naturally, the elderly tend to have a greater need for quick access to primary care than younger generations since at their age, they are more susceptible to a higher number of chronic health conditions.
Senior Living Assistance | Bahama Bay
Our Approach

This means we’re in a position where bringing primary care directly to seniors in senior living communities is more important than ever. Our approach to onsite primary care assisted living involves a health clinic within the premises, which essentially overcomes the two barriers highlighted above.

Physician-Owned Assisted Living

Bahama Bay Club is run by health care management professionals with ample years of relevant industry experience. As a physician-owned assisted living community, we put the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of our residents first.

All our amenities and programs are geared towards ensuring a healthy lifestyle for seniors, while also providing all the necessary assistance for them to enjoy our luxurious, comfortable senior living community.

Live a life without worry and anxiety with our in-community geriatric care.