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Upgrade your cuisine…Where food matters

Eat healthy gourmet food with a classic and elegant ambience of our dining area.
Our chefs prepare meals suited for your lifestyle and diet which you’ll surely enjoy.


Dining Delights

Choice is paramount here at Bahama Bay Club, and dining is no exception. One of the first set of questions we get from prospective residents is about the quality of the food and the overall assisted living dining rooms experience. We totally understand such misgivings — especially since there’s a general perception that senior dining will be a dreary, monotonous affair.

We’re proud to state that Bahama Bay Club offers the total opposite. With fresh, flavorful menus created by our two executive chef lead restaurants, our dining choices make residents look forward to every meal with gusto.

We eat with our eyes also! As a result, you will find daily prepared meals fully decorated and on display upon your entry just so you can see what you might like. Enjoy our Floribean and traditional flavors from our well trained staff here to serve you. In addition, you will find an anytime dining menu from 7am to 7pm serving anytime dining items like Salmon, Shrimp, Salads, Sandwiches, Hamburgers and more.

Chef Preparing Meals | Bahama Bay

Full-Service Senior Living Dining Room Experience

The Bahama Bay dining program emphasizes variety and quality. Our executive chefs whip up scintillating menus every day using the freshest ingredients. We can also customize your dining options to suit your doctor-recommended diet or dietary restrictions.

At Bahama Bay, we pride ourselves in delivering a true restaurant dining experience for every meal. This means every time you dine, you are greeted personally by our friendly staff and provided any assistance required to get comfortably seated. Your order will then be taken and our chefs will be informed of any preferences that you may have. The meal will then be prepared and presented just how you like it.

Our restaurant-style approach to senior dining is built around the best practices for assisted living safety.


LEMON-ROSEMARY CHICKEN                      $12.5

Chicken / Rosemary / Lemon


Oysters / Veggie / Ginger


Mushroom / Veggie / White Sources


Tuna / Potatoes / Rice

Imported Oysters Grill
Chef Cutting Salmon | Bahama Bay
Elegant Table Setting | Bahama Bay
We don’t just want you to have quality nutrition, but also the flexibility and convenience to create a personalized dining experience.

Experience the Best of Senior Living Dining at Bahama Bay

Want to learn more about our approach to senior living dining? We’re happy to show you around the dining facilities so you can see for yourself why Bahama Bay Club is a leader in the senior living community.