home safety for elderly in sanford and orlando

our commitment to enhanced care and safety.

Addressing Safety Concerns

Safety is one of the primary reasons for placing a loved one in an assisted living facility. When an older adult can no longer care for themselves, the safest place may be a senior living community, where physical safety and adequate medical care can be assured.

At Bahama Bay Club, we take assisted living safety very seriously. So much so that every facility, every amenity, and every program are centered around ensuring the health and safety of our residents.

There are a number of safety concerns, especially where senior living is concerned, such as falls and wandering, as well as certain risks, such as with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Rest assured that we’ve taken all the necessary measures to ensure that Bahama Bay Club meets all the requirements for senior healthy living.

For one, we have enough staff to handle the workload so there’s no need for our staff to hurry or be negligent because they have too much work on their hands. Everyone is also trained on strict compliance with standard senior care safety procedures, especially during assisted living community events.

Our Approach to Home Safety for Elderly

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when looking into senior healthy living. We understand that keeping our residents safe and healthy while at the same time allowing them the freedom to live independently isn’t easy. Health and medication management plans do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach, after all.

That’s why we work based on each resident’s personalized care plan. We have an onsite health clinic to attend to the health concerns of our residents, and we work closely with their primary caregivers and doctors to ensure that they receive the right care plan. We also have strict residence policies regarding the storage and administration of medicines, and provide all the assistance our residents may need during their periodic medical checkups.

Luxury in Wellness

Bahama Bay Club features a number of specially designed amenities and services, such as a full-service health and wellness spa, therapy management programs, a fitness center, and a myriad of healthy dining options.

Our selection of senior living amenities also includes a full-service salon, a fitness center, aqua therapy sessions, a cabana with a massage table, and many more services designed for cozy, luxurious relaxation.

Innovative Security

Our approach to keeping our community safe is backed up by smart technology. Using the latest innovations, we make sure our facility is equipped with the first generation of personal emergency response alarms, in-room activity sensors, and RFID location finders for enhanced care and safety. We also blend it with versatile, sensor-powered wearables for predictive care, safety reporting, and resident monitoring.