in-community rehabilitation / physical therapy
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in-community rehabilitation / physical therapy
Your Road To Patient Recovery and Wellness

Rehabilitation And Physical Therapy

The Most Capable Skilled Nursing Facility in Florida

The skilled nursing facilities that Florida has to offer is quite a number to be considered. This is because around 18% of its entire population consists of seniors ages 65-above. Thus, skilled nursing facilities are essential in the Sunshine State.

What sets our facility apart from others is the use of next-generation technology. Our Smart Health Monitoring allows our skilled workers to check the patient’s condition and provide immediate assistance and top-notch care in a moment’s need.

Needless to say, Bahama Bay Club only employs staff who are capable of giving comprehensive medical care. We have an in-house team of experts in rehabilitation for post-surgery, pain management, wound care, & physical therapy.

Our Exceptional In-Community Skilled Nursing Program
When your loved ones are experiencing effects of old age, recuperating from a disease, or managing medical conditions, they need the best care to meet their needs. While many of them would prefer to stay at home, the benefits of our in-community programs are exceptional.
In-community skilled nursing care program

In-community skilled nursing care program

We provide the highest level of care for the following services:

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Like No Other

In our community, patients experience tremendous physical, mental, and emotional benefits from social engagement. With a supportive group of skilled nurses and neighbors going through the same phase, it is proven that patients tend to recover faster and live longer.

Therapy Services

Our skilled nurses also work wonders in geriatric and patient healthcare by following these three specialized therapy services:
Senior Woman At A Gym | Bahama Bay

Physical therapy

At Bahama Bay, our residents receive the best therapy outside a hospital. Our therapists provide a tailor-fit therapy plan using smart technology incorporated into the rehab program.
Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy

We are the guiding hands in the daily physical routine. This is to help bring back normal physical coordination and vigor.
Speech Therapy

Speech therapy

Our speech therapy program is designed towards improving normal communication abilities using technology and expertise.

We are A Certified Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility

We’re very glad to inform you that Bahama Bay Club is a certified Medicare skilled nursing facility. This means that your Medicare insurance is honored in our facility.

So, what services does your Medicare cover?

Medicare will cover services mentioned above during your stay. This is based on the current terms & conditions of Medicare.

We assure the best healthcare and medical assistance you’ll ever get while staying with us!